happy 7th band-iversary to my favorite trio
Este Haim at Glastonbury
all white everything

chicashaktiom said: i love your blog my dear! namasté

thank you! sorry I haven’t been posting. i’ve been traveling

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i want you to know
that I’m sorry
you have to be happy for others
before you can be sad for yourself

i wish you didn’t have to love someone
with an expiration date always in the back of your mind
and you would stop letting the pain from your past
take hold of what is the now

i hope you tell anyone who ever says you’re not allowed to hurt
that we all bleed from the same wounds
and memories can rip you to shreds
and throw the scraps to the wind
so you spend your time searching for the parts of your soul
that went missing on the west wind

maybe we’re supposed to get lost
in the ache of loss and what ifs and pitiful smiles you wish were directed anywhere but at you
they don’t mean to and after all
you and i and all the rest of them are still just missing a little bit of ourselves
and sometimes it’s hard to be whole.

the scraps of you still fit in the pieces of me .. m.f.p .. (via youloveallyourlife)

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